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Costs and Fees

No Civil Action or Proceeding shall be accepted for filing by the Clerk unless the party or parties filing the same have first deposited with the Clerk a sufficient deposit of money to secure the payment of costs that may occur in such Action or Proceeding, except as otherwise provided by law or these Rules. Such advanced Deposits shall be in accord with the following schedule

Common Pleas$60.00
County Court$60.00
Foreign Court$60.00
Release - Common Pleas$5.00
Release - County Court$5.00
Release - State Tax$70.00
Release - Worker's Comp.$70.00
Divorce/Dissolution Complaint$251.00
Poverty Affidavit - Poverty Affidavit is subject to Financial Investigation and Payment Schedule of full Deposit$11.00
* Add $10 Each Additional Defendant After 1st three
Complaint without Jury Demand* (Non-Domestic and Non-Foreclosure)$225.00
Third Party Complaint*$225.00
Answer without a Jury Demand*$0.00
Counterclaim without Jury Demand*$225.00
Cross Claim without Jury Demand*$225.00
Pleading filed with Jury Demand$525.00
Additional Jury Cost (Due 30 days prior to Trial)$300.00
Foreign Judgment$225.00
Post Judgment Motion (Cert. Mail)$150.00
Post Judgment Motion (Per. Serv.)$150.00
Judgment Debtor's Exam (Cert. Mail)$120.00
Judgment Debtor's Exam (Per. Serv.)$120.00
Foreclosure Complaint$375.00
Order of Sale (Deposit)$1,000.00
Notice of Appeal$100.00
Execution in Belmont County
Judgment in Belmont County
Foreign Execution From Belmont County
County and Execution in Belmont County on Foreign Judgments
County on Foreign Judgements$140.00
Writ of Possession$140.00
Notice of Appeal$100.00
Publication Costs
The number of weeks the a Legal Notice is to be published must be on the Notice when filed with the Clerk.
Civil Complaint Publication$1,000.00
Divorce/Dissolution Complaint$500.00

Request For Publication in a newspaper of general circulation in this County (Times Leader Newspaper 740-633-1131), requires the Party to deposit total publication costs with the Clerk of Courts.

Make checks payable to Belmont County Clerk of Courts.