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Title Fees


Section 4505.09 of the revised code directs the Clerk of Courts to collect the following fees for automobile service:
Certificate of Title$15.00
Duplicate Title$15.00
Memorandum Title$5.00
Duplicate Memorandum$5.00
Notation of Lien$15.00
Cancellation Of LienN.C.
Physical Inspection$1.50
Late Fee$5.00
Notary fee (each)$1.00
Mobile Home Archival Fee$5.00
Boat Certificate of Title$15.00
Boat Memorandum$5.00
Boat Notation of Lien$15.00
Boat Duplicate Title$15.00
Salvage Title$4.00
Certified Copies$5.00

* Subject to change by Ohio State Legislature Sales and Use Tax in Belmont County is 7.25%